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Meet Our Fundraisers

Our Fundraiser visit Melacca Turtle Information center (TIC)
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About WWF-Malaysia's DDDP Fundraisers

WWF-Malaysia’s Direct Debit Donor Programme

Conservation needs to be long term to be effective. As WWF-Malaysia is a non-profit organisation that does not receive any fixed grants, regular donations is needed to continue protecting Malaysia’s endangered species and spaces. The Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP) provides a fuss free and safe avenue for members of the public to support WWF’s work on a regular basis.

A donor may choose any of the following options;
  • Monthly donation of RM50, RM75 or 100
  • 4-monthly donation of RM200, RM300 or RM400
  • Yearly donation of RM600, RM900 or RM1200
    *(Both 4-monthly and yearly work out to exactly the same amount as RM50, RM75 or RM100 per month respectively)
DDDP is promoted face to face, an easily accessible and friendly method of giving members of the public a chance to find out more about WWF’s conservation work.

You may find our representatives in various places such as:-
  • public events
  • shopping malls
  • commercial areas
  • residential areas
in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and other states.

For details on the DDDP programme, please check out our FAQ page.

Donor Testimonials

" Supporting WWF’s projects even in the smallest way through modest monthly donations has been satisfying and humbling. Witnessing their passion and commitment towards conserving various species and the ecosystem first hand, put many things in perspective. We can each do our part to make the world a better place ".

Kavitha A/P Aruljothi - WWF supporter since 2013

" Supporting WWF has definitely increased my knowledge and awareness towards Mother Nature and they are doing an excellent job in preserving the natural environment through various conservation programmes. What I cherish most is the opportunity to go on donor's trip to experience first hand and understand the activities carried out to protect our earth. Supporting WWF is the least I can do to give back to our Mother Nature who we've taken so much from "

Chu Ee Mey - WWF supporter since 2008

" Being a passionate advocate for the environment, I feel it is my responsibility do my part by supporting organizations such as WWF to protect the country's natural environment through their various conservation programs. The Direct Debit Donor Programme is an easy & convenient way to donate monthly. A particular highlight for me as a donor is the exclusive turtle conservation donor's trip in Melaka - it was an amazing experience to get up close and personal with the beautiful hatchlings as we released them in the sea. Keep up the great work WWF!!"

Sharifah Nadiah Binti Syed Nahar - WWF supporter since 2012

For any enquiries regarding DDDP Program

Nur Aliah Mohd Nordin
Executive, Donor Acquisition

WWF Malaysia,
1 Jalan PJS 5/28A, 
Petaling Jaya Commercial Centre (PJCC)
Petaling Jaya 46150
Selangor, Malaysia.

+603 7450 3773 ext 6304


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