Inverter 1-2 K

AC Inverter with built-in SCC (Solar Charger Controller).
Ideal energy saving solution for home applications.
Fast charging with solar power regardless the presence of AC mains.
Wide AC input voltage range to support both AC mains and generator.
Up to 95% efficiency under line mode which results in energy saving.
Configurable LCD for easy reading operational status and setting.
Wall-mounting design for space saving.
Max. operation temperature up to 50C.
Strong charging capability for flexible battery configuration.
  • Features
  • •  Faster charging with solar power even during AC mains outage
    •  Clear charging status on LCD
    •  When solar power presents, the battery run time can be largely extended
    •  Up to 98% efficiency in line mode
    •  Works under 0~50°C environment
    •  Wall-mounting design for space saving

  • Specification
  • Product Application
  • •  Lamp
    •  Fan
    •  Air-condition
    •  Refrigerator
    •  Washing machine
    •  TV