CMC (Central Monitor Card) is an optional accessory, it gives an easy and simple way to achieve remote monitoring and controlling of all the UPS at the same time. It provides RS485 signal, the distance of RS485 signal is no more than 1200 meters. There are two kinds of CMC for different UPS, CMC and mini CMC.
  • Specification
  • Compatibility:

    1. Castle Series: C1K(S) ~3C20KS
    2. ARRAY Series: A, 3A3, XP

    Mini CMC
    1. New Castle Series: C1K(S) ~C3K(S)
    2. Castle EX Series 3C3 20KS~40KS
    3. ARRAY Series MP

  • Product Application
  • CMC
    1. Provide RS232 signal
    2. Provide RS485 signal
    3. Provide  a pair of RJ45 communication interface
    4. Support Modbus protocol

    Mini CMC
    1. Provide RS485 signal
    2. Provide  a pair of RJ45 communication interface
    3. Support Modbus protocol