RACK 6-10K(S)

RACK 6-10K(S) UPS is a new generation smart UPS that can per fectly fit with the advanced moder n IT equipment, specifically designed to efficiently address the high quality power needs for IT equipment, network communication and other applications. CASTLE RACK 6-10K(S) product provides high adaptability and flexible configuration, and it is applied with leading DSP control technology and offer multiple and extendable options to meet the increasing customized application demand.
  • Features
  • •  PF 1 without power de-rating in all battery configuration and full operating temperature range
    •  High efficiency 95% at typical load
    •  2U height, <600mm depth for 10KW model
    •  Long backup time model charger current is upgraded to 12A
    •  Standard model charger current is upgraded to 4A
    •  Battery quantity 16/17/18/19/20pcs adjustable
    •  Digital charger technology provide accurate charger current setting(0.5A per step adjustable) and reduce charger ripple current
    •  PDU and MBS 2-in-1 kit support easy maintenance
    •  Parallel supported
    •  Support virtualized software application

  • Specification
  • Product Application
  • •  Critical server and network device
    •  IT enclosure
    •  Equipment related to telecommunications and VoIP etc.
    •  Banking and security system
    •  Healthcare system
    •  Manufacturing / control system
    •  Laboratory equipment, precision instruments etc.