BLAZER Pro series

Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability. Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR to stabilize output voltage. Wide input voltage & frequency range, comply with generator. Built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started up without AC power supplied. Super-fast charger shortens the charging time to 2-4 hours. Auto charging even though the UPS is off.
  • Features
  • •  Build in boost and buck AVR to stabilize output voltage
    •  3-steps true AVR stabilization
    •  Wide acceptable range of input voltage & frequency(comply with generator)
    •  Auto charging even though the UPS is off
    •  Auto restart while mains recovery
    •  Cold start
    •  Full protection against over-discharge, overcharge,overload

  • Specification
  • Product Application
  • Ideal for protecting:

    •  PC, workstations
    •  NAS, Network equipment
    •  Critical electronic devices