K series UPS

SANTAK K series UPS is line interactive UPS to provide reliable power protection against 5 of the most common power problems (power failure, power sags, power surges, under and over voltage) that threaten your equipment and data. Voltage fluctuations are automatically corrected using an AVR(boost/buck). The K series provide you satisfying reliable performance and maximize the flexibility for your system integration.
  • Features
  • •  Build in boost and buck AVR to stabilize output voltage
    •  Equipped with surge protection for both UPS and equipment
    •  Wide acceptable range of input voltage & frequency(comply with generator)
    •  Self diagnosis ensures longer battery life
    •  Auto restart
    •  Cold start

  • Specification
  • Product Application
  • •  PC, workstations
    •  NAS, Network equipment
    •  IP TV, Router